About Multimedia Applications

An increasing number of applications are using sound and video in new and exciting ways. For example, real estate agents have long organized descriptions and photographs of homes in large catalogs. Because these catalogs are printed on paper, the presentation of the homes is limited to a picture and some text. When the catalog is produced as a multimedia application, the agent can include a guided audio and visual tour of the inside and outside of these homes. Having potential buyers view these listings is a powerful sales tool and could prevent wasted trips to unsuitable locations.

This real estate application is just one example of what you can do with multimedia. You can use multimedia to create applications that play, edit, and capture sounds and images. You can also create applications that can control multimedia hardware, such as CD players, joysticks, video-cassette recorders, and MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) devices.

Many developers use multimedia to improve applications that did not use sound and video when they were first designed and written. For example, developers are adding voice-annotation capabilities to word-processing applications, and video clips to presentation-graphics applications.

Some applications integrate multimedia features more completely. Software developers are creating hundreds of such applications, such as entertainment programs, computerized reference works, and educational programs. Because extensive use of sound or video requires a great deal of data-storage space, these applications are often distributed on CDs.

You can create multimedia applications for anyone who routinely needs fast access to large amounts of data. These applications are often written for niche markets; the multimedia real estate catalogue discussed earlier is a good example.

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