About the Video Compression Manager

Typically, installable compressors operate with video-image data stored in audio-video interleaved (AVI) files. This overview explains the programming techniques used to access installable compressors through VCM and covers the following topics:

  • VCM and the Video for Windows architecture

  • Compressing and decompressing image data from your application

  • Using VCM renderers to draw data from your application

  • VCM functions and structures

Before you read this overview, you should be familiar with the Microsoft Win32 graphic services. In particular, bitmaps and bitmap-related structures, such as BITMAPINFO and BITMAPINFOHEADER, are used extensively by VCM. For additional information about the BITMAPINFO and BITMAPINFOHEADER structures, see Bitmaps.

Note The audio compression manager (ACM) provides system-level support for audio compression and decompression drivers. For a description of the audio compression services, see Audio Compression Manager.

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