Building a Multimedia Application

Before writing a multimedia application, you should be familiar with programming in the Windows environment.

When using the multimedia services, you must include the appropriate header files in all source-code files that call multimedia functions. These header files depend on declarations made in the WINDOWS.H header file, so you must first include WINDOWS.H. The multimedia headers files are: DIGITALV.H, MCIAVI.H, MMSYSTEM.H, MSACM.H, VCR.H, and VFW.H. To determine which header is needed for a multimedia element, use the QuickInfo button in the reference page for the element, or refer to the SDK file WIN32API.CSV.

You must also link to the appropriate import library when linking an application that uses multimedia interfaces. The import libraries are MSACM32.LIB, WINMM.LIB, and VFW32.lib. Use QuickInfo or WIN32API.CSV to determine which import library to use to resolve a call to a multimedia function.

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