To open and locate a compressor, you can use the ICLocate and ICOpen functions. You can use ICLocate to find a compressor of a specific type and to obtain a handle of it for use in other VCM functions. To open a compressor, you can use ICOpen. Your application uses the handle returned by this function to identify the opened compressor when it uses other VCM functions.

To open and locate a decompressor, applications can use the ICDecompressOpen and ICDrawOpen macros. These macros use ICLocate for operation.

When your application hass finished using a compressor or decompressor, it must close it to free any resources used for compression or decompression. Your application can use the ICClose function to close the compressor or decompressor.

Also, your application can enumerate the compressors or decompressors on a system by using the ICInfo function.

Note The stream header in an AVI file contains information about the stream type and the specific handler for that stream. Within the stream header, the fccType and fccHandler members identify the stream type and the stream handler specified for the stream.

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