Configuring an Installable Driver

To direct an installable driver to carry out useful tasks, you must open the driver by using the OpenDriver function and send it messages by using the SendDriverMessage function. The following example shows how to direct the driver to display its configuration dialog box.

LONG MyConfigureDriver()
HDRVR hdrvr;
LONG lRes;

// Open the driver (no additional parameters needed this time).
if ((hdrvr = OpenDriver(L"\\samples\\sample.drv", 0, 0)) == 0) {
// Can't open the driver

// Make sure driver has a configuration dialog box.
if (SendDriverMessage(hdrvr, DRV_QUERYCONFIGURE, 0, 0) != 0) {
// Set the DRVCONFIGINFO structure and send the message
dci.dwDCISize = sizeof (dci);
dci.lpszDCISectionName = (LPWSTR)0;
dci.lpszDCIAliasName = (LPWSTR)0;
lRes = SendDriverMessage(hdrvr, DRV_CONFIGURE, 0, (LONG)&dci);

// Close the driver (no additional parameters needed this time).
CloseDriver(hdrvr, 0, 0);

return lRes;

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