Creating Temporary Streams

Temporary streams can be beneficial in several ways. You can use a temporary stream as a work stream, for example, when changing the stream format. Or you can create a temporary stream to hold portions of other streams that have been copied.

You can create a stream in memory that is not associated with any file by using the AVIStreamCreate function. This function returns the address of the interface to the new stream in a specified location and is used internally by other functions that create temporary streams.

You can create a compressed stream from an uncompressed stream by using the AVIMakeCompressedStream function. You identify the stream to compress, the compression method and compression options, and the handler for the new stream.

When you finish using a stream created with AVIStreamCreate or AVIMakeCompressedStream, close the stream by using the AVIStreamRelease function. AVIStreamRelease frees the resources the temporary stream used.

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