Displaying Dialog Boxes to Set Video Characteristics

Each capture driver can provide up to three different dialog boxes used to control aspects of the video digitization and capture process. The following example demonstrates how to display these dialog boxes. Before displaying each dialog box, the example calls the capDriverGetCaps macro and checks the CAPDRIVERCAPS structure returned to see if the capture driver can display it.


capDriverGetCaps(hWndC, &CapDrvCaps, sizeof (CAPDRIVERCAPS));

// Video source dialog box.

if (CapDriverCaps.fHasDlgVideoSource)


// Video format dialog box.

if (CapDriverCaps.fHasDlgVideoFormat)



// Are there new image dimensions?

capGetStatus(hWndC, &CapStatus, sizeof (CAPSTATUS));

// If so, notify the parent of a size change.


// Video display dialog box.

if (CapDriverCaps.fHasDlgVideoDisplay)


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