Getting Information About Compressors and Decompressors

To get general information about a compressor or decompressor, your application can use the ICGetInfo function. This function fills an ICINFO structure with information about the compressor or decompressor. Your application must allocate the memory for the ICINFO structure and pass a pointer to it in ICGetInfo. Unless your application searches for a particular compressor or decompressor, the flags in the ICINFO structure provide the most useful information about the capabilities of a compressor or decompressor.

To get the default key-frame rate and default quality value of a compressor or decompressor, your application can send the ICM_GETDEFAULTKEYFRAMERATE and ICM_GETDEFAULTQUALITY messages (or use the ICGetDefaultKeyFrameRate and ICGetDefaultQuality macros).

To determine the best display format of a compressor or decompressor, your application can use the ICGetDisplayFormat function.

To determine if a compressor or decompressor can display an About dialog box, send the ICM_ABOUT message (or use the ICQueryAbout macro). You can also display the About dialog box of a compressor or decompressor by sending the ICM_ABOUT message and changing the value of the wParam parameter (or by using the ICAbout macro).

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