Keys Ending Capture

You can allow the user to abort a capture session by pressing a key or keystroke combination from the keyboard, or by pressing the right or left mouse button. If the user aborts a real-time capture session, the contents of the capture file are discarded. If the user aborts a step-frame capture session, the contents of the capture file up to the point of aborting the capture are saved.

You can retrieve the settings for aborting a capture session by using the WM_CAP_GET_SEQUENCE_SETUP message (or the capCaptureGetSetup macro). The current keystroke setting is stored in the vKeyAbort member of the CAPTUREPARMS structure; the current mouse settings are stored in the fAbortLeftMouse and fAbortRightMouse members. You can set a new key or keystroke combination by specifying the keycode or keycode combination (as in a CTRL or SHIFT key combination) as the value of vKeyAbort, or set the left or right mouse button as the abort key by specifying the fAbortLeftMouse or fAbortRightMouse member. After you set these members, send the updated CAPTUREPARMS structure to the capture window by using the WM_CAP_SET_SEQUENCE_SETUP message (or the capCaptureSetSetup macro). The default value of vKeyAbort is VK_ESCAPE. You must call the RegisterHotKey function before specifying a keystroke that can abort a capture session. The default values of fAbortLeftMouse and fAbortRightMouse are TRUE.

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