The list controls provide single-select or multiple-select states for complex audio lines. These controls use the MIXERCONTROLDETAILS_BOOLEAN structure to retrieve and set control properties. The MIXERCONTROLDETAILS_LISTTEXT structure is also used to retrieve all text descriptions of a multiple-item control. The following table describes the types of list controls.

Restricts the control selection to one item at a time. Unlike the multiplexer control, this control can be used to control more than audio source lines. For example, you could use this control to select a low-pass filter from a list of filters supported by a mixer device.
Multiplexer (MUX)
Restricts the line selection to one source line at a time.
Allows the user to select multiple items from a list simultaneously. Unlike the mixer control, the multiple-select control can be used to control more than audio source lines.
Allows the user to select source lines from a list simultaneously.

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