Manual Frame Capture

If you want to individually specify the frames to capture in a video stream, you can control the sequence by using the WM_CAP_SINGLE_FRAME_OPEN, WM_CAP_SINGLE_FRAME, and WM_CAP_SINGLE_FRAME_CLOSE messages (or the capCaptureSingleFrameOpen, capCaptureSingleFrame, and capCaptureSingleFrameClose macros). Typically, these messages are used to create animation by appending individual frames to the capture file. WM_CAP_SINGLE_FRAME_OPEN opens a file for a manually driven capture operation. WM_CAP_SINGLE_FRAME captures an individual frame and appends it to the capture file. WM_CAP_SINGLE_FRAME_CLOSE closes the file used for manual frame capture.

Note This capture method does not support simultaneous audio capture with video capture.

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