Multimedia Playback with One Function Call

You can play waveform-audio files, CDs, video clips, or MIDI files in your application with a call to a single function: MCIWndCreate. This function creates window of class type MCIWND_WINDOW_CLASS with a button that the user can use to play or stop the playback, a trackbar that displays the current position in the file, and, in the case of a video clip, an area in which the video is displayed. The following call to MCIWndCreate plays the video clip SAMPLE.AVI:

MCIWndCreate(hwndParent, // parent window handle
g_hinst, // instance handle
"sample.avi"); // filename

Another function, PlaySound, also enables you to implement multimedia playback with a single function call. You can use this function to play a waveform-audio file. For example, the following line of code plays the sound stored in the file CHIMES.WAV:

PlaySound("chimes.wav", NULL, SND_SYNC);

Note PlaySound cannot play a waveform-audio file larger than will fit in available memory.

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