Multimedia Recording

You can implement recording capabilities in your application by using the user interface built into MCIWnd. You can use the MCIWndCreate function and the MCIWndNew macro to provide controls for starting and stopping recording and for saving the recorded information. Using MCIWndCreate, you can specify window styles to display an MCIWnd window and to include the Record button on the toolbar. Using MCIWndNew, you can specify the device type that is being recorded and specify that the information is to be captured in a new file.

If your application requires more sophistication, you can automate and customize the recording by using the MCIWndRecord macro. For more information, see Customizing the Recording Process.

Note Some devices, such as CD audio and MCIAVI, are used for playback only. Other devices, such as waveform-audio devices, can be used for recording. If you specify a device that cannot record, MCIWnd omits the Record button from the toolbar.

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