Opening an AVI File

The following example initializes the AVIFile library using the AVIFileInit function and opens an AVI file using the AVIFileOpen function. The function uses a default file handler.

// LoadAVIFile - loads AVIFile and opens an AVI file.


// szfile - filename

// hwnd - window handle


VOID LoadAVIFile(LPCSTR szFile, HWND hwnd)


LONG hr;


AVIFileInit(); // opens AVIFile library

hr = AVIFileOpen(&pfile, szFile, OF_SHARE_DENY_WRITE, 0L);

if (hr != 0){

ErrMsg("Unable to open %s", szFile);




// Place functions here that interact with the open file.


AVIFileRelease(pfile); // closes the file

AVIFileExit(); // releases AVIFile library


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