Reading Streams from an AVI File

The following subroutine obtains stream information from an AVI file and determines the stream type from the AVISTREAMINFO structure returned by the AVIStreamInfo function.

// StreamTypes - opens the streams in an AVI file and determines

// stream types.


// Global variables

// gcpavi - count of streams in an AVI file

// gapavi[] = array of stream-interface pointers

  • oid StreamTypes(HWND hwnd)



LONG r, lHeight = 0;


int i;

RECT rc;

// Walk through all streams.

for (i = 0; i < gcpavi; i++) {

AVIStreamInfo(gapavi[i], &avis, sizeof(avis));

if (avis.fccType == streamtypeVIDEO) {

// Place video-processing functions here.


else if (avis.fccType == streamtypeAUDIO) {

// Place audio-processing functions here.


else if (avis.fccType == streamtypeTEXT) {

// Place text-processing functions here.




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