Saving Recorded Content

After completing the recording, you can save the content by using the MCIWndSave or MCIWndSaveDialog macro, or by using the GetSaveFileNamePreview function with MCIWndSave. The MCIWndSave macro saves data in the file associated with the MCIWnd window. The MCIWndSaveDialog macro lets the user specify a filename and save the recorded data in the specified file. The GetSaveFileNamePreview function displays the SaveAs dialog box for choosing a file and lets the user preview (play) the file. When the name of an existing file is specified in the SaveAs dialog box, GetSaveFileNamePreview provides a small control in the dialog box to let the user preview the contents of the file. You can save the recorded data in a file selected with GetSaveFileNamePreview by using MCIWndSave.

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