Searching for a RIFF Chunk

The following example uses the mmioDescend function to search for a "RIFF" chunk with a form type of "WAVE" to verify that the file that has just been opened is a waveform-audio file.

HMMIO hmmio;

MMCKINFO mmckinfoParent;

MMCKINFO mmckinfoSubchunk;




// Locate a "RIFF" chunk with a "WAVE" form type to make

// sure the file is a waveform-audio file.

mmckinfoParent.fccType = mmioFOURCC('W', 'A', 'V', 'E');

if (mmioDescend(hmmio, (LPMMCKINFO) &mmckinfoParent, NULL,


// The file is not a waveform-audio file.


// The file is a waveform-audio file

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