Sequence Compression

Your application can use the ICSeqCompressFrame, ICSeqCompressFrameStart, and ICSeqCompressFrameEnd functions to compress a sequence of frames. These functions use the data stored in the COMPVARS structure. Applications use the ICCompressorChoose function to allow the user to select a compressor, open it, and set the compression parameters in the COMPVARS structure; however, applications can set the parameters in the structure manually.

Before an application can begin compressing a sequence of frames, it must use ICSeqCompressFrameStart to allocate the necessary resources. After the resources are allocated, the application can use ICSeqCompressFrame to compress each frame individually. The frame rate and key-frame frequency used in compressing the sequence are specified in members of the COMPVARS structure. The return value for ICSeqCompressFrame points to the compressed data.

When an application finishes compressing a sequence, it can use ICSeqCompressFrameEnd to free system resources allocated for ICSeqCompressFrameStart. To free the resources allocated for the COMPVARS structure, the application can use the ICCompressorFree function.

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