Using midiOutShortMsg to Send Individual MIDI Messages

The following example uses the midiOutShortMsg function to send a specified MIDI event to a given MIDI output device:

UINT sendMIDIEvent(HMIDIOUT hmo, BYTE bStatus, BYTE bData1,

BYTE bData2)


union {

DWORD dwData;

BYTE bData[4];

} u;

// Construct the MIDI message.

u.bData[0] = bStatus; // MIDI status byte

u.bData[1] = bData1; // first MIDI data byte

u.bData[2] = bData2; // second MIDI data byte

u.bData[3] = 0;

// Send the message.

return midiOutShortMsg(hmo, u.dwData);


Note MIDI output drivers are not required to verify data before sending it to an output port. Applications must ensure that only valid data is sent.

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