Using the Clipboard with AVI Files

The clipboard provides convenient, temporary storage that an application can use to copy or transfer AVI files. AVIFile includes clipboard functions that you can use with disk or memory files.

You can copy a file to the clipboard by using the AVIPutFileOnClipboard function. To write a file that is on the clipboard to memory or disk, use the AVIGetFromClipboard function.

You can clear a file from the clipboard by using the AVIClearClipboard function. This function does not clear other types of information, such as text, from the clipboard. If you use clipboard functions in your application, clear the clipboard with AVIClearClipboard before closing the application or closing the file on the clipboard. You can call AVIClearClipboard in your application whether or not AVIPutFileOnClipboard has been used.

Note If your application copies a file to the clipboard and the file contains stream data that might change, you can create a memory file of cloned streams by using the AVIMakeFileFromStreams function. You can then place the file on the clipboard and then release the original file without invalidating it.

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