Verifying the Output Device

After opening the sequencer, you should check whether the MIDI mapper was available and selected as the output device. The following example uses the MCI_STATUS command to verify that the MIDI mapper is the output device for the MCI sequencer.

UINT wDeviceID; // valid MCI sequencer ID

DWORD dwReturn;

MCI_STATUS_PARMS mciStatusParms;

// Make sure the opened device is the MIDI mapper.

mciStatusParms.dwItem = MCI_SEQ_STATUS_PORT;

if (dwReturn = mciSendCommand(wDeviceID, MCI_STATUS, MCI_STATUS_ITEM,

(DWORD)(LPVOID) &mciStatusParms))


// Error sending MCI_STATUS command.



if (LOWORD(mciStatusParms.dwReturn) == MIDI_MAPPER)

// The MIDI mapper is the output device.


// The MIDI mapper is not the output device.

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