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Palettes, Parent-Child Window Interaction, paste, Patch Maps, PATCHARRAY, pause, Pausing and Resuming Playback, PCMWAVEFORMAT, Performing File I/O on RIFF Files, Performing Memory File I/O, play, Playback and Positioning, Playback Controls, Playback Enhancements, Playing a Compact Disc Track, Playing a Device, Playing a MIDI File, Playing a Movie, Playing a Waveform-Audio File, Playing MIDI Files, Playing Sounds Specified in the Registry, Playing the AVI File, Playing WAVE Resources, Playing Waveform-Audio Files, PlaySound, Positioning in Streams, Precise Capture Control, Preloading Patches with Internal MIDI Synthesizers, Preparing Audio Data Blocks, Preparing to Draw Data, Preview and Overlay Modes, Previewing Video, Processing Joystick Messages, Processing MIDI Data from Two MIDI Sources, Processing the MM_WOM_DONE Message, Producing a Dialog Box for Selecting a Filter, Producing a Dialog Box for Selecting a Format for Recording, Producing a Dialog Box for Selecting a Format for Saving, Producing a Dialog Box for Selecting a Specific Type of Format, Producing a Dialog Box for Selecting Restricted Formats, Product Identifiers, Providing Controls for Cropping and Stretching Images, Providing Status Updates, put

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