Returns a value that is unique to the current thread. It can be used to avoid PROCESSID reuse problems.

DWORD CoGetCurrentProcess();

Return Value

DWORD value

Indicates a unique value for the current thread that can be used to avoid PROCESSID reuse problems.


The CoGetCurrentProcess function returns a value that is effectively unique, because it is not used again until 2 (32 ) more threads have been created on the current workstation or until the workstation is rebooted.

Using the value returned from a call to CoGetCurrentProcess can help you maintain tables that are keyed by threads or in uniquely identifying a thread to other threads or processes.

Using the value returned by CoGetCurrentProcess is more robust than using the HTASK task handle value returned by the Win32 function GetCurrentTask, because Windows task handles can be reused relatively quickly when a window's task dies.

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