Loads a specific DLL into the caller's process. The CoGetClassObject function calls CoLoadLibrary internally; applications should not call it directly.

HINSTANCE CoLoadLibrary(

LPOLESTR lpszLibName,
//Points to the name of the library to be loaded
BOOL bAutoFree
//Indicates whether library is automatically freed



Points to the name of the library to be loaded. The use of this name is the same as in the Win32 function LoadLibrary.


If TRUE, indicates that this library is freed when it is no longer needed, through a call to either the CoFreeUnusedLibraries or CoUninitialize functions. If FALSE, the library should be explicitly freed with the CoFreeLibrary function.

Return Values

Module Handle

Indicates handle of the loaded library.


Indicates library could not be loaded.


The CoLoadLibrary function is called internally by the CoGetClassObject function when the class context (CLSCTX) indicates a DLL. CoLoadLibrary loads a DLL specified by the lpszLibName parameter into the process that called CoGetClassObject. Containers should not call CoLoadLibrary directly.

Internally, a reference count is kept on the loaded DLL, by using CoLoadLibrary to increment the count and the CoFreeLibrary function to decrement it.

See Also

CoFreeAllLibraries, CoFreeLibrary, CoFreeUnusedLibraries, CoGetClassObject

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