Guidelines for Implementing the Document Summary Information Property Set

The following guidelines pertain to the Document Summary Information property set described in the preceding section:

  • PID_TEMPLATE refers to an external document containing formatting and styling information. The means by which the template is located is implementation defined.

  • PID_LASTAUTHOR is the name stored in User Information by the application. For example, suppose Mary creates a document on her machine and gives it to John, who then modifies and saves it. Mary is the author, John is the last saved by value.

  • PID_REVNUMBER is the number of times the File/Save command has been called on this document.

  • PID_CREATE_DTM is a read-only property; this property should be set when a document is created, but should not be subsequently changed.

  • For PID_THUMBNAIL, applications should store data in CF_DIB or CF_METAFILEPICT format. CF_METAFILEPICT is recommended.

  • PID_SECURITY is the suggested security level for the document. By noting the security level on the document, an application other than the originator of the document can adjust its user interface to the properties appropriately. An application should not display any information about a password protected document or allow modifications to enforced read-only or locked-for-annotations documents. Applications should warn the user about read-only recommended if the user attempts to modify properties:

Security Level
Password protected

Read-only recommended

Read-only enforced

Locked for annotations

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