otifies the container that registered the advise sink that a link source has changed, enabling the container to update the link's moniker.

  • oid OnLinkSrcChange(

IMoniker *pmk
//A pointer to the new link source



[in] Points to the new link source contained within the link object.


A container of linked objects implements this method to receive notification in the event of a change in the moniker of its link source.

IAdviseSink2::OnLinkSrcChange is called by the OLE link object when it receives the OnRename notification from the link-source (object) application. The link object updates its moniker and sends the OnLinkSrcChange notification to containers that have implemented IAdviseSink2.

Notes to Implementors

Nothing prevents a link object from notifying its container of the moniker change by calling IAdviseSink::OnRename instead of OnLinkSrcChange. In practice, however, overloading OnRename to mean either that a link object's moniker has changed or that the corresponding link source's moniker has changed makes it difficult for applications to determine which event has, in fact, occurred. If the two events trigger different processing, as will often be the case, then using a different method for each makes the job of determining which event occurred much easier.

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