The IEnumFORMATETC interface is used to enumerate an array of FORMATETC structures. IEnumFORMATETC shares the same methods as all enumerator interfaces: Next, Skip, Reset, and Clone.

IEnumFORMATETC is implemented by all data objects to support calls to IDataObject::EnumFormatEtc. If the data object supports a different set of FORMATETC information depending on whether a call is made to SetData or GetData, the implementation of IEnumFORMATETC must be able to operate on both.

The order of formats enumerated through the IEnumFORMATETC object should be the same as the order that the formats would be in when placed on the clipboard. Typically, this order starts with private data formats and ends with presentation formats such as CF_METAFILEPICT.

The prototypes of the member functions are as follows:

HRESULT Next(ULONG celt, FORMATETC * rgelt, ULONG * pceltFetched)


HRESULT Reset(void)

HRESULT Clone(IEnumFORMATETC ** ppenum)

See Also

OleRegEnumFormatEtc, FORMATETC, IEnumXXXX

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