The IEnumOLEVERB interface enumerates the different verbs available for an object in order of ascending verb number. An enumerator that implements the IEnumOLEVERB interface is returned by the IOleObject::EnumVerbs member function.

When to Implement

You typically do not have to implement this interface. The OLE default handler provides an implementation which returns the entries in the registration database. Because calls to IOleObject::EnumVerb are always routed through the default handler; an OLE application can let the default handler do the work by implementing IOleObject::EnumVerb as a stub that simply returns OLE_S_USEREG. This informs the default handler that it should create the enumerator for you.

When to Use

Call this interface if you need to list the verbs than an OLE object supports.

The prototypes of the member functions are as follows:

HRESULT Next(ULONG celt, OLEVERB * rgelt, ULONG * pceltFetched)


HRESULT Reset(void)

HRESULT Clone(IEnumOLEVERB ** ppenum)

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