Enumerates objects in the current container.

HRESULT EnumObjects(

DWORD grfFlags,
//Value specifying what is to be enumerated
IEnumUnknown **ppenum
//Ptr to storage of enumeration



[in] This value specifies which objects in a container are to be enumerated, as defined in the enumeration OLECONTF.


[out] Points to an address where the enumerator, of type IEnumUnknown, should be returned. If an error is returned, this parameter must be set to NULL. Each time a container receives a call to EnumObjects, it must increase the reference count on the pointer the method returns. It is the caller's responsibility to call IUnknown::Release when it is done with the pointer.

Return Values


Enumerator successfully returned.


An unspecified error occurred.


Object enumeration not supported.


A container should implement EnumObjects to enable programmatic clients to find out what objects it holds. This method, however, is not called in standard linking scenarios.

See Also

IEnumUnknown, IOleItemContainer, OLECONTF

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