Enables or disables a frame's modeless dialog boxes.

HRESULT EnableModeless(

BOOL fEnable
//Enable or disable modeless dialog



[in] Specifies whether the modeless dialog boxes are to be enabled by specifying TRUE or disabled by specifying FALSE.

Return Values


The dialog box was either enabled or disabled successfully, depending on the value for fEnable.


An unexpected error occurred.


Notes to Callers

The active in-place object calls IOleInPlaceFrame::EnableModeless to enable or disable modeless dialog boxes that the container might be displaying. To display a modal dialog box, the object first calls IOleInPlaceFrame::EnableModeless , specifying FALSE to disable the container's modeless dialog box windows. After completion, the object calls IOleInPlaceFrame::EnableModeless specifying TRUE to reenable them.

Notes to Implementors

You should track the value of EnableModeless and check it before displaying a dialog box.

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