Notifies the container that one of its objects is being activated in place.

HRESULT OnInPlaceActivate();

Return Values


The container allows the in-place activation.


An unexpected error occurred.


Notes to Callers

is called by the active, embedded object when it is activated in-place for the first time. The container should note that the object is becoming active.

Notes to Implementors

A container that supports linking to embedded objects must properly manage the running of its in-place objects when they are UI inactive and running in the hidden state. To reactivate the in-place object quickly, a container should not call IOleObject::Close until the container's IOleInPlaceSite::DeactivateAndUndo method is called. To safeguard against the object being left in an unstable state if a linking client updates silently, the container should call OleLockRunning to lock the object in the running state. This prevents the hidden in-place object from shutting down before it can be saved in its container.

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