Notifies the container on deactivation that it should reinstall its user interface and take focus, and whether or not the object has an undoable state.

HRESULT OnUIDeactivate(

BOOL fUndoable
//Specifies if object can undo changes



[in] Specifies whether the object can undo changes. It is TRUE if the object can undo, FALSE if it cannot.

Return Values


The method completed successfully.


An unexpected error occurred.


The object indicates whether it can undo changes through the fUndoable flag. If the object can undo changes, the container can (by the user invoking the Edit Undo command) call the IOleInPlaceObject::ReactivateAndUndo method to undo the changes.

Notes to Callers

is called by the site's immediate child object when it is deactivating to notify the container that it should reinstall its own user interface components and take focus. The container should wait for the call to IOleInPlaceSite::OnUIDeactivate to complete before fully cleaning up and destroying any composite submenus.

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