Activates the connection between the linked object and the link source if the link source is already running.

HRESULT BindIfRunning(void);

Return Values


The link source was bound.


The link source is not running.

CreateBindCtx, IMoniker::IsRunning, or IOleLink::BindToSource errors

Binding the moniker might require calling these functions; therefore, errors generated by these functions may be returned.


You typically do not need to call IOleLink::BindIfRunning. This method is primarily called by the linked object.

Notes on Provided Implementation

The linked object's implementation of IOleLink::BindIfRunning checks the Running Object Table (ROT) to determine whether the link source is already running. It checks both the relative and absolute monikers. If the link source is running, IOleLink::BindIfRunning calls IOleLink::BindToSource to connect the linked object to the link source.

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