Deactivates the connection between a linked object and its link source.

HRESULT UnbindSource(void);

Return Value


Indicates the connection was deactivated.


You typically do not call IOleLink::UnbindSource directly. When it's necessary to deactivate the connection to the link source, your container typically calls IOleObject::Close or IUnknown::Release; the linked object's implementation of these methods calls IOleLink::UnbindSource. The linked object's IAdviseSink::OnClose implementation also calls IOleLink::UnbindSource.

Notes on Provided Implementation

The linked object's implementation of IOleLink::UnbindSource does nothing if the link source is not currently bound. If the link source is bound, IOleLink::UnbindSource calls the link source's IOleObject::Unadvise and IDataObject::DUnadvise implementations to delete the advisory connections to the link source. The IOleLink::UnbindSource method also calls the compound document's IOleClientSite::LockContainer implementation to unlock the containing compound document. This undoes the lock on the container and the advisory connections that were established in IOleLink::BindToSource. IOleLink::UnbindSource releases all the linked object's interface pointers to the link source.

See Also

IAdviseSink::OnClose, IDataObject::DUnadvise, IOleObject::Close, IOleObject::Unadvise, IOleLink::BindToSource

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