Retrieves a data object containing the current contents of the embedded object on which this method is called. Using the pointer to this data object, it is possible to create a new embedded object with the same data as the original.

HRESULT GetClipboardData(

DWORD dwReserved,
//Not currently implemented
IDataObject **ppDataObject
//Pointer to storage of interface pointer



[in] Reserved for future use; must be zero.


[out] Points to an interface pointer to the data object. If an error is returned, this parameter must be set to NULL. Each time an object receives a call to GetClipboardData, it must increase the reference count on the pointer that the method returns. It is the caller's responsibility to call Release when it is done with the pointer.

Return Values


The data transfer object is successfully returned.


GetClipboardData is not supported.


The object is not running.


You can use the GetClipboardData method to convert a linked object to an embedded object, in which case the container application would call IOleObject::GetClipboardData and then pass the data received to OleCreateFromData. This method returns a pointer to a data object that is identical to what would have been passed to the Clipboard by a standard copy operation.

Notes to Callers

If you want a stable snapshot of the current contents of an embedded object, call IOleObject::GetClipboardData. Should the data change, you will need to call the function again for an updated snapshot. If you want the caller to be informed of changes that occur to the data, call IDataObject::QueryInterface, then call IDataObject::DAdvise.

Notes to Implementors

If you implement this function, you must return an IDataObject pointer for an object whose data will not change.

See Also

IDataObject, IOleObject::InitFromData, IUnknown::QueryInterface, OleCreateFromData

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