Enumerates the links in a container.

DWORD GetNextLink(

DWORD dwLink
//Unique 32-bit link-identifier, indicating the current link



A container-defined unique 32-bit identifier for a single link. This value is only passed to other methods on this interface, so it can be any value that uniquely identifies a link to the container. Containers frequently use the pointer to the link's container site object for this value.

Return Values

Returns a container's link identifiers in sequence; NULL if it has returned the last link.

Notes to Callers

Call this method to enumerate the links in a container. If the value passed in dwLink is NULL, then the container should return the first link's 32-bit identifier. If dwLink identifies the last link in the container, then the container should return NULL.

See Also

IOleUILinkContainer::SetLinkUpdateOptions, IOleUILinkContainer::GetLinkUpdateOptions

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