Forces selected links to connect to their source and retrieve current information.

HRESULT UpdateLink(

DWORD dwLink,
//Link identifier
DWORD fErrorMessage,
//Determines whether or not caller should display error message
DWORD fReserved
//Reserved for future use



A container-defined unique 32-bit identifier for a single link. Containers can use the pointer to the link's container site for this value.


Determines whether or not the caller (implementor of IOleUILinkContainer) should show an error message upon failure to update a link. The Update Links dialog sets this to FALSE. The Object Properties and Links dialogs set it to TRUE.


Reserved for future use. Currently, this parameter should always be set to FALSE.

Return Values


Successfully updated linked objects.


Unable to update linked objects.


One or more invalid arguments.


Insufficient memory.


Insufficient access permissions.


Notes To Callers

Call this method with fErrorMessage set to TRUE in cases where the user expressly presses a button to have a link updated, that is, presses the Links' Update Now button. Call it with FALSE in cases where the container should never display an error message, that is, where a large set of operations are being performed and the error should be propagated back to the user later, as might occur with the Update links progress meter. Rather than providing one message for each failure, assuming there are failures, provide a single message for all failures at the end of the operation.

Notes To Implementors

For OLE links, call IOleObject::Update.

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