Notifies the object that it can write to its file. It does this by notifying the object that it can revert from NoScribble mode (in which it must not write to its file), to Normal mode (in which it can). The component enters NoScribble mode when it receives an IPersistFile::Save call.

HRESULT SaveCompleted(

//Pointer to absolute path of the file where the object was saved



[in]Points to the absolute path of the file where the object was previously saved.

Return Value


Returned in all cases.


This method is called when a call to IPersistFile::Save is completed, and the file that was saved is now the current working file (that is, the "Save" or "Save As" scenarios). In these cases, the object has been placed into NoScribble mode so it cannot write to its file. When the save is completed, the object can revert to Normal mode and it is free to write to its file.

Notes to Callers

OLE does not call the IPersistFile::SaveCompleted method. Typically, applications do not either.

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