Initializes an object from the stream where it was previously saved.


IStream *pStm
//Pointer to the stream from which the object should be loaded



[in]Points to the stream from which the object should be loaded.

Return Values


The object was successfully loaded.


The object was not loaded due to a lack of memory.


The object was not loaded due to some reason other than a lack of memory.


This method loads an object from its associated stream. The seek pointer is set as it was in the most recent IPersistStream::Save method. This method can seek and read from the stream, but cannot write to it.

On exit, the seek pointer must be in the same position it was in on entry, immediately past the end of the data.

Notes to Callers

Rather than calling IPersistStream::Load directly, you typically use the OleLoadFromStream function which performs the following steps:

  1. Calls the ReadClassStm function to get the class identifier from the stream.

  2. Calls the CoCreateInstance function to create an instance of the object.

  3. Queries the instance for IPersistStream.

  4. Calls IPersistStream::Load.

The OleLoadFromStream function assumes that objects are stored in the stream with a class identifier followed by the object data. This is the storage pattern used by the generic, composite-moniker implementation provided by OLE.

If the objects are not stored using this pattern, you must call the methods separately yourself.

See Also

CoCreateInstance, OleLoadFromStream, ReadClassStm

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