Determines whether an object is currently in the running state.

BOOL IsRunning();

Return Values


The object is in the running state.


The object is not in the running state.


A container application could call IRunnableObject::IsRunning when it needs to know if the server is immediately available. For example, a container's implementation of the IOleItemContainer::GetObject method would return an error if the server is not running and the bindspeed parameter specifies BINDSPEED_IMMEDIATE.

An object handler could call IRunnableObject::IsRunning when it wants to avoid conflicts with a running server or when the running server might have more up-to-date information. For example, a handler's implementation of IOleObject::GetExtent would delegate to the object server if it is running, because the server's information might be more current than that in the handler's cache.

OleIsRunning is a helper function that conveniently repackages the functionality offered by IRunnableObject::IsRunning. With the release of OLE 2.01, the implementation of OleIsRunning was changed so that it calls QueryInterface, asks for IRunnableObject, and then calls IRunnableObject::IsRunning. In other words, you can use the interface and the helper function interchangeably.

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