Returns an enumerator that can list the monikers of all the objects currently registered in the Running Object Table (ROT).

HRESULT EnumRunning(

IEnumMoniker **ppenumMoniker
//Receives enumerator for ROT



[out] Receives a pointer to an IEnumMoniker interface to the enumerator. If an error occurs; the implementation sets *ppenumMoniker to NULL. If *ppenumMoniker is non-NULL, the implementation calls IUnknown::AddRef on the parameter; it is the caller's responsibility to call IUnknown::Release.

Return Values


Indicates that an enumerator was successfully returned.


Indicates insufficient memory.


The ppenumMoniker enumerator does not enumerate monikers that are registered in the ROT after the enumerator has been created.

The EnumRunning method is intended primarily for the use by the system in implementing the Alert Object Table. Note that OLE 2 does not include an implementation of the Alert Object Table.

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