Removes from the Running Object Table (ROT) an entry that was previously registered by a call to IRunningObjectTable::Register.


DWORD dwRegister
//Value identifying registration to be revoked



[in] Specifies a value identifying the ROT entry to revoke. This value was previously returned by IRunningObjectTable::Register.

Return Values


Indicates that the object's registration was successfully revoked.


Indicates that dwRegister is not valid.


This method undoes the effect of a call to IRunningObjectTable::Register, removing both the moniker and the pointer to the object identified by that moniker.

Notes to Callers

If you're a moniker provider (that is, you hand out monikers identifying your objects to make them accessible to others), you must call the IRunningObjectTable::Revoke method to revoke the registration of your objects when they stop running. You must have previously called IRunningObjectTable::Register and stored the identifier returned by that method; you use that identifier when calling IRunningObjectTable::Revoke.

The most common type of moniker provider is a compound-document link source. This includes server applications that support linking to their documents (or portions of a document) and container applications that support linking to embeddings within their documents. Server applications that do not support linking can also use the ROT to cooperate with container applications that support linking to embeddings.

If you're writing a container application, you must revoke a document's registration when the document is closed. You must also revoke a document's registration before re-registering it when it is renamed.

If you're writing a server application, you must revoke an object's registration when the object is closed. You must also revoke an object's registration before re-registering it when its container document is renamed (see IOleObject::SetMoniker).

See Also

IOleObject::SetMoniker, IRunningObjectTable::Register

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