ITypeLib Interface

Implemented by
Used by
Header filename
OLEAUT32.DLL (32-bit systems)
(16-bit systems)
Tools that need to access the descriptions of objects contained in type libraries.

Data describing a set of objects is stored in a type library. A type library may be a stand-alone binary file (.TLB), a resource in a DLL or .EXE file, or part of a compound document file.

A type library contains descriptions of one or more objects, and is accessed through the ITypeLib interface. The descriptions of individual objects are accessed through the ITypeInfo interface. The system registry contains a list of all the installed type libraries. Type library organization is illustrated in the following figure:

The ITypeLib interface provides methods for accessing a library of type descriptions. This interface supports the following:

  • Generalized containment for type information. ITypeLib allows iteration over the type descriptions contained in the library.

  • Global functions and data. A type library can contain descriptions of a set of modules, each of which is the equivalent of a C or C++ source file that exports data and functions. The type library supports compiling references to the exported data and functions.

  • General information, including a user-readable name for the library and Help for the library as a whole.

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