Overview of OLE Automation

OLE Automation is a technology that lets software packages expose their unique features to scripting tools and other applications. OLE Automation uses the OLE Component Object Model (COM), but may be implemented independently from other OLE features, such as in-place activation. Using OLE Automation, you can:

  • Create applications and programming tools that expose objects.

  • Create and manipulate objects exposed in one application from another application.

  • Create tools that access and manipulate objects. These tools can include embedded macro languages, external programming tools, object browsers, and compilers.

The objects an application or programming tool exposes are called OLE Automation objects. Applications and programming tools that access those objects are called OLE Automation controllers. OLE Automation objects and controllers interact as follows:

Applications and other software packages define and expose objects, which can be acted upon by OLE Automation controllers. Type information describes the exposed objects, and can be used by OLE Automation controllers at either compile time or run time.

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