Property ID 0xFFFFFFFE

Property ID 0xFFFFFFFE (Locale Indicator) is reserved as an indication of the locale for which the property set is written. The default locale for a property set is the system's default locale (LOCALE_SYSTEM_DEFAULT). See the Win32 SDK for more information on LOCALE_SYSTEM_DEFAULT. The default is used in the event that the locale indicator does not exist in the property set.

Applications can choose to support the locale or just get the default behavior. It is recommended that applications allow users to specify a working locale. Such applications should write the user-specified locale identifier to the property. Applications that use the user's default locale (LOCALE_USER_DEFAULT) should write the user's default locale identifier to the property. See the Win32 SDK for more information on LOCALE_USER_DEFAULT.

Applications should also handle the case of a foreign object which is one where the locale is not the application's locale, the user's locale, or the system's locale.

The locale indicator property is of type VT_U4, and therefore consists of a DWORD containing VT_U4 followed by a DWORD containing the Locale Identifier (LCID) as defined in the Win32 SDK.

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