The STATDATA structure is the data structure used to specify each advisory connection. It is used for enumerating current advisory connections. It holds data returned by the IEnumSTATDATA enumerator. This enumerator interface is returned by IDataObject:DAdvise. Each advisory connection is specified by a unique STATDATA structure.

Defined in com.h.

typedef struct tagSTATDATA
FORMATETC formatetc;
DWORD grfAdvf;
IAdviseSink* pAdvSink;
DWORD dwConnection;



Specifies the FORMATETC structure for the data of interest to the advise sink. The advise sink receives notification of changes to the data specified by this FORMATETC structure.


Specifies the ADVF enumeration value that determines when the advisory sink is notified of changes in the data.


Specifies the pointer for the IAdviseSink interface that will receive change notifications.


Specifies the token that uniquely identifies the advisory connection. This token is returned by the method that sets up the advisory connection.

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