The TYPEATTR structure contains attributes of an ITypeInfo, and is defined as follows:

typedef struct FARSTRUCT tagTYPEATTR {

GUID guid; // The GUID of the TypeInfo

LCID lcid; // Locale of member names and doc

// strings

unsigned long dwReserved;

MEMBERID memidConstructor; // ID of constructor,MEMBERID_NIL if

// None

MEMBERID memidDestructor; // ID of destructor, MEMBERID_NIL if

// None

OLECHAR FAR* lpstrSchema; // Reserved for future use

unsigned long cbSizeInstance;// The size of an instance of // this type.

TYPEKIND typekind; // The kind of type this typeinfo // describes.

unsigned short cFuncs; // Number of functions

unsigned short cVars; // Number of variables/data members

unsigned short cImplTypes; // Number of implemented interfaces

unsigned short cbSizeVft; // The size of this type's virtual // func table

unsigned short cbAlignment; // Byte alignment for an instance // of this type

unsigned short wTypeFlags;

unsigned short wMajorVerNum; // Major version number

unsigned short wMinorVerNum; // Minor version number

TYPEDESC tdescAlias; // If TypeKind == TKIND_ALIAS, // specifies the type for which // this type is an alias

IDLDESC idldescType; // IDL attributes of the // described type


The cbAlignment field indicates how addresses are aligned. A value of 0 indicates alignment on the 64K boundary; 1 indicates no special alignment. For other values, n indicates aligned on byte n.

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