Writes a clipboard format and user type to the storage object.

HRESULT WriteFmtUserTypeStg(

IStorage * pStg,
//Points to the storage object
//Specifies the clipboard format
LPWSTR * lpszUserType
//Points to the current user type



Points to the storage object where the information is to be written.


Specifies the clipboard format that describes the structure of the native area of the storage object. The format tag includes the policy for the names of streams and substorages within this storage object and the rules for interpreting data within those streams.


Points to the object's current user type. It cannot be NULL. This is the type returned by the IOleObject::GetUserType method. If this function is transported to a remote machine where the object class does not exist, this persistently stored user type can be shown to the user in dialog boxes.

Return Values


Indicates the information was written successfully.


Indicates information could not be written due to lack of space on the storage medium.

IStream::Write method error return values.


The WriteFmtUserTypeStg function must be called in an object's implementation of the IPersistStorage::Save method. It must also be called by document-level objects that use structured storage for their persistent representation in their save sequence.

To read the information saved, applications call the ReadFmtUserTypeStg function.

See Also

IPersistStorage::Save, ReadFmtUserTypeStg

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