A Sample Pen Application

This chapter describes a simple pen-based application called PENAPP that demonstrates some of the programming techniques covered in the previous chapters. The source code in this chapter is fragmentary, illustrating only the most interesting parts of the application. For the complete source listing, see the file PENAPP.C in the Microsoft Win32 Software Development Kit, in the SAMPLES\PEN\PENAPP directory.

PENAPP uses the sample recognizer SREC, described in the next chapter, "Writing a Recognizer." The source files for SREC also reside in the SAMPLES directory. To see PENAPP in action, you must first build both PENAPP.EXE and SREC.DLL using the supplied makefiles. Place the SREC.DLL file in your Windows directory or in a directory on the PATH list before running PENAPP.

The SAMPLES\PEN directory also provides source code for other sample pen-based applications. All code is commented, demonstrating different approaches to different issues.

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