Merges an interval into an inkset.

BOOL AddInksetInterval( HINKSET hinkset, LPINTERVAL lpiNew )



Handle to an inkset.


Address of an INTERVAL structure.

Return Value

Returns TRUE if successful; otherwise FALSE.


The inkset is reallocated to a larger size by this function. The interval merges with any existing intervals, changing the interval only when required. For example, if the new interval is a subset of an existing one, there will be no change. Similarly, if the new interval overlaps an existing one, the union is formed. The maximum number of intervals allowed is defined to be (65536 - sizeof(INKSET)) / sizeof(INTERVAL), which evaluates to 5460.

The ending time of the new interval must be greater than or equal to the beginning time. If the interval has a duration of 0, AddInksetInterval does nothing, but returns TRUE.

An inkset formed using this function is guaranteed to have the intervals in ascending chronological order.

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